Massive Competition: Hoka OneOne Sponsorship to be won

Evo Tarmac, Women’s model. Hot! Arriving mid-July 2012

It has all been happening in June with some epic running happening across Australia (and the world) in Hoka OneOne and July looks to get crazy too with the release of smoking hot new models – the Bondi Speed and the long awaited road-killing superquick blacktop specialist, the Evo Tarmac.
We have been announcing the Hoka Run of the Month since March. Now we can announce what it’s all leading to.
Sponsorship. A year’s sponsorship. From Hoka.
What does that mean and how do you get it?
IF your race or run in Hoka OneOne – Bondi B, Bondi Speed, Stinson Evo, or the innovative ultralight all new shoe that you roadies are going to LOVE – the Evo Tarmac – gets our attention as the best run in Hoka OneOne for the month, then early next year we could be offering you a year’s sponsorship as a Hoka OneOne Australia athlete.
That means a year’s supply of running shoes whatever your preferred surface or distance, from City to Surf on road to 100 miles on trail, plus custom technical running shirts, assistance with race entries, and access to in-race support, discount nutrition, and assorted running gear – running packs, hydration systems, and so on.
So if you want a shot at one juicy 12-month all-running all-surface all-hardcore-commitment prize then get involved. Send us your photos and results, here on the blog, on our Facebook, or to


a massive personal victory, Andrew described running from Brisbane to Sydney as ‘much more fun’ than running the length of New Zealand.

Normally, Hoka-supported athletes are ineligible – like Andrew Lee scoring a brilliant hardfought 8th place at The North Face 100 in May, or Jess Baker for taking 6th with a mighty p.b. at the same race. But, in June, 3 Hoka-supported athletes have taken down big results with compelling stories and they all get the nod.
Nikki Wynd took 2nd place at the Australian 100km titles on the Gold Coast in a time of 9:23. It’s pretty good running, until you consider that against all commonly held opinion on how to race effectively Nikki was running her 3rd 100-km race in 6 weeks, backing up from an historic sub-11 teams win at Melbourne’s OxFam Trailwalker and North Face.
Andrew Hedgman of course has been a favourite topic of ours for the last few weeks. Rocking a single pair of Bondi B over 1,000 km he cruised on foot down the Old Pacific Highway from Brisbane to Sydney over 15 days, arriving at The Sydney Opera House on his 25th birthday and raising over $5,000 for WSPA in the process. We thought it was a pretty good effort until Roger ran 55km with him on his 2nd last day and realized he was still putting in some pace, both up and down the hilly roads leading into Mooney Mooney. Solid!!


Dave Eadie, very fast, but not entirely happy.

And, finally, The Running Man himself – David Eadie. Eyeing off Kiwi ultra speedster Marty Lukes at the National 100km, Dave started out in his racing flats expecting an old school battle in old school running shoes. Down 20minutes at halfway he switched to his Hoka Bondi and blasted the next 10km out at 4-min pace, rather than let things slip further. He paid for that burst all the way through to the mid-80s, where he got his third wind and again charged for the finish line, closing to within 1min 50s of Lukes for a strong if not entirely satisfying 7:46 finish. With close to 6 months of intense and focussed ultra training under his belt, David has now left his shores for what we all hope will be some rewarding mileage in the US.
So, whether you are doing half marathons or full marathons in Melbourne, Perth or Sydney, trail runs at any of the established or great new events up and down the east and northern coasts over the next 5 months, get in it to win it!

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