Sue Linsen, one of many can-do Hoka runners

Our shoes get around on everyone from Dave Mackey, Montrail Ultra Cup Champion 2011 to Hard Rock winner Diana Finkel, Karl Meltzer one of the highest achieving 100-mile runners of all time, Jess Baker and Andy Lee who both went top 10 in an international field at the recent North Face 100, Gordi Kirkbank-Ellis who clawed his way back from crippling nausea at 22km in to a silver buckle finish, right through to a number of runners who have said that they might be at the back of the pack, but without the gift of running from Hoka, they wouldn’t be in the pack at all – at marathons, all-nighters, and 100km races.

So we do get a bit excited over heartfelt letters like this one from Sue Linsen, a good friend of our friend Billy Pearce.

Sue giving the thumbs up.

Hey guys,
Whilst these results are not in the same league as the fast dudes and hard core runners, just wanted to say that I love my Hoka OneOne Stinson Evo Womens – I have done two recent events in them & they were fantastic in both. Ultra runner & good friend Billy Pearce recommended them to me in the first place earlier this year and I’m definitely a convert.

Finishing strong for a massive sub-2 p.b.

·         Canberra Half Marathon              15th April – have lost 10kg and trained properly over the past 9 months which obviously helped but the shoes also were great.  Had a great day & took 32 minutes off my previous best.  Finished in 1:58:52 which was under my stretch goal of 2 hours so I was very happy (previous PB was 2:30:16).
·         Wild Endurance 50km   5th May – part of a 7 member walking team.  5 of us finished in 14:44.  Did first half in North Face Hedgehog trail shoes and then changed shoes and socks at CP 1 and wore the Hoka’s for the rest on predominantly fire trail in the dark.
Attached are a couple of pics.
I turned 40 a couple of weeks ago so these events as well as losing weight and being in good shape were part of my “be fit and fab by 40” quest which I’m happy to say I feel like I’ve achieved J
Anyway, loving the Hokas, will keep running in them and will get some more J

Sam with her Wild Endurance team – stoked!!

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