Great running Team Hoka: Andrew Lee & Jess Baker WooHoo!!!

Andy runs at full force from the first leg, pic by Ben Berriman

North Face 100 2012 was an absolute cracker of a race!! The pointy end of the race was dramatic, with drunken bikers stealing direction arrows and Jez Bragg running an extra 5km as a result. Many runners of all ability levels dropped out throughout the day, and night. Clarke McClymont – a force to be reckoned with – dropped an hour coming into CP2 and pulled the pin with any chance at podium all but gone. Meanwhile, Mick Donges charged through to 60km before blowing up and, in his own words, walking the last 30 kays. Pretty impressed to see him cycling home from the ceremony this morning after a still impressive run.

Congratulations for strong wins to Team Salomon’s Ryan Sandes and to women’s winner and new recordholder, Beth Cardelli – a strong and humble champion, running for Team No Roads and clearly renewed after having to deal with some injury rehab issues. Ewan Horsburgh and Angela Bateup, running for No Roads, also took 20 minutes off the relay course record to produce what is now a challenging time of 10:28 for future contenders – awesome!

And Team Hoka did us all proud – thank you Andy, Jess, Nikki, Jane.

Andrew Lee ran a solid 8th place in 10:39, with his 1:39 for the 20km 2nd leg and an average pace of 9km/hr up Kedumba probably being highlights in a top performance where he captured and held on to 8th place for the last 62km.

Jess Baker knocked 51 minutes off last year’s PB to take 6th place and 40th outright in 12:38, with hard racing evident from an uncharacteristically horizontal finish.

Nikki Wynd ran steadily at 8-minute/km pace to take 12th, this time the trip up from Victoria rewarded her with a silver buckle and a 2-hour PB.

Jane Trumper also ran a big PB to finish before midnight and take 4th in the F-Veteran category.

Thanks for flying the flag so high guys, sharing your responsibilities to Team No Roads, Team Born To Run, Team Trails+, and Skirt Sports respectively. Great running from everyone yesterday.

Jess Baker bursts into the sunlight, top of Golden Stairs, pic by Helen Pretty

And thanks also to all those Hoka runners loving the shoe and spreading the message as our first year of Hoka OneOne in Australia passes on a high note – Belinda, Dean, Shane, Naomi, Arnie, Ed, Gordi, Elizabeth, Mark, Matt, Billy and everybody else rocking the running comfort who came up and said hi over the weekend. We’d love to hear your stories from an eventful day of running.

pic by Phillip Bardsley-Smith

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