Team Hoka 2012: Jane Trumper talks North Face 100

If you like running 42km or more and you live around Sydney, Thailand, Boston, or anywhere with a trailrunning ultra culture, you’ve probably met Jane Trumper. Jane was the first Australian woman to bag the Aussie Grand Slam of Ultra, completing the Glasshouse, Great Ocean Walk, and Great North Walk 100-milers and the epic 150-mile sea to snow adventure that is Coast to Kosciuszko within roughly 3 months of each other.

It’s more a mental game I play to see where I can go 🙂 I think you know I’m not fast… at 51 I don’t care if I can’t get new PB’s. You only ever have one 🙂

Recently, news went around the world in at least 6 different languages of her latest achievement as she ran over 660km from the geographical centre of Australia to the other side of the Simpson Desert, all just to get a drink at the Birdsville Hotel and help raise money and awareness for the sick kids who count on Bear Cottage for a small dose of family normality.

Jane chasing emus off the Simpson Desert course.

A brand ambassador for Skirt Sports, now also spreading the message for Hoka OneOne, Jane has knocked over more than 90 marathons since 2001, including a 4:01 in the Canberra Marathon just 5 days after finishing her Simpson quest. She’s currently on target to run her 100th marathon some time around October this year.

But first, she’ll take on the North Face 100.

Grand Slammers, when GOW had a miler.

Hoka OneOne: How hard are you tapering, and is it the best or worst part of training for you?
Jane Trumper: My dogs love it. They get more of my time.
Hoka OneOne: What do you think it is about TNF100 that galvanizes such growing excitement from runners old and new each year?
Jane: The perfect first 100km trail event of the year after the 6Ft Track warm up. Cameraderie, and open to everyone with no qualifying races. Always fun to listen to the virgins plan their race and see how many goal times unravel…. and the ones that smash it!
Hoka OneOne: With some big running and racing already done this year, how will you define success on the day?
Jane: My 4th TNF will represent 3 years without my brother. Will probably spend a quiet moment at the 82km mark at the bottom of Kedumba where I received the phone call to say he had died. For me this event is more about doing something with like minded people than a race. Looking forward to having a few people around me after the loneliness of the Simpson Desert.
Hoka OneOne: Anything you’d like to say about your shoes?
Jane: Looking forward to a long run in new shoes. The prototype mix of tarmac with trail 🙂

Jane’s special shoes for the day – Evo Tarmac prototypes, demonstrating the new styled upper, but still using the Stinson Evo trail sole.

Hoka OneOne: You ran 660km across the Simpson Desert in 10 days and backed up with a 4:01 marathon in Canberra the same weekend, you’re chasing your 100th marathon this year with less than 10 years of running on board. Is it a kamikaze endeavour or a strengthening practice that endurance runners undertake when they routinely run so far and so frequently?
Jane: It’s more a mental game I play to see where I can go 🙂 I think you know I’m not fast… at 51 I don’t care if I can’t get new PB’s. You only ever have one 🙂
I find it much easier as a mother to enter races and put them in the calendar. It’s too easy to let family events stop a training run… not so easy when you have paid and committed to your entry. 

Only one of these runners will be hitting the Blue Mountains North Face 100 in 2012

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this week a bit about some of the runners representing Hoka OneOne Australia. Yes, we sell shoes, and until they grow on trees we shall continue to sell shoes – cutting edge, technologically advanced, no excuse running shoes. We have a business to run, but we also love it when people write to say that they’ve just gone for their first run in 6 months, or 5 years, because of Hoka OneOne. We do hope that the performances of athletes representing Hoka will influence what you try on next time you hit a running store, but at least as importantly we hope you look at what these runners have turned themselves into, and what they’re doing for others, and ask yourself whether you aren’t up for some big, fresh challenges yourself.

Best of luck on Saturday everyone – that also means YOU, and Andrew, Jess, Nikki, and Jane. This North Face should be a bruiser!

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