Hoka OneOne Run of The Month

It’s May already? Whaaaat? We were so busy spreading the Hoka love at Filex over the weekend, we didn’t get blogging until, well, Thursday  : )

So, to introduce a new contest of sorts – the Hoka OneOne Run of The Month.

With your help, each month we’ll pick an Australian Hoka OneOne run that shines above all others. At the end of the year – you guessed it – juicy prizes for the overall Hoka OneOne Run of The Year.

Who do we have to choose from for April?

Jane Trumper, also known by her tribal name: Runs With Emus.

Jane Trumper did a smashing job as the first woman to run across the Simpson Desert, all 660km of it, in under 10 days for the brave little kids and their loving families at Bear Cottage. But as Jane is a brand ambassador for Hoka OneOne, along with her responsibilities at Skirt Sports, she is ineligible for the win. Brilliant run though!

Running with her 4-member Team Trails+ companions David Eadie, Darren Mooney, and Scott Orchard, AURA’s Female Ultrarunner of the Year for 2012 Nikki Wynd knocked out a scorching team 100km time of 10:46 at Oxfam Trailwalker. Nikki will continue to run for Trails+, but we are proud to announce that in a cooperative arrangement she will also be representing Hoka OneOne. As such, her run is awesome, but ineligible.

Nikki Wynd and her Trails+ team. Can you guess which one she is?

Jess Baker’s run alongside Commonwealth 24-hour representative Meredith Quinlan from Newcastle to Sydney – 250+km of mostly technical single trail – on the Great North Walk in 54:42, smashing the old record by more than 11 hours is also a monolithic achievement of tough self-directed running in Australia in 2012. But, then again, that was in March and Jess also runs for Team Hoka.

Jess (foreground) and Meredith, sunrise, day 3, barely 20km to go.

So, let’s get down to it. April saw a top run from Natalie Watson in her Hoka OneOne Bondi B at the Canberra Marathon 50km distance, finishing as 4th woman. At the same race, Jimmy Mathews-Watson (no relation) also knocked out a solid 2:50:18 over the marathon distance in his Bondi B.

But the winner, with the Hoka OneOne Run of the Month for Australia in April 2012 is *big spongy drumroll* Melissa Selby!!

Selby with partner David Criniti – Shut Up and Run indeed!! : )

Sydneysider Melissa Selby ran a powerful 3:06 for the Canberra Marathon and continued on to take 2nd place over 50km. Having led the women’s ultra field most of the way, she was taken only at the line in a finish so close she was given the same time as the winner – 3:41:49

Congratulations Mel!! You’re in with a chance for a juicy prize at the end of the year. It might be a stay at a seaside resort, it might be a pair of shoes and a t-shirt – who knows?!

If you’re a triathlete, marathoner, 10km, ultra, beach or multiday runner and you’re doing amazing things in Hoka OneOne or know someone who is, make sure we know who they are!!

Write to info(at)HokaOneOne.com.au with the subject line ‘Hoka OneOne run of the month’ and tell us what’s going on. Pictures of your run/runner also welcome.

Be in it to win it!

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