Another Happy Hoka – Billy Pearce, Coast 2 Kosci medic

Congratulations to all the runners who knoscked over the 12-hour option at the Stromlo Running Festival on the weekend.
Paul Every put in a solid 101.9km, Bry McConnell kicked arse to take 2nd in the women’s with 105.6km, book ended by the hard-as-nails Pam Muston on 113.5km and Michelle Thompson on 101.6km. Good to see Ewan Horsburgh bouncing back after beasting the Coast 2 Kosci course a few months ago to take 2nd behind Oliver Zambon who ratcheted it up just past 120km. Don’t know what the Ultra168 boys are doing pretending that 50km is ultra though : ) Hoka OneOne apparently the standout shoe on the day, with Stinson Evo making their first appearance on a race day too. Nice one!

Billy Pearce is known to many ultrarunners as that friendly guy in the truck at C2K with the ex-wife jokes. He’s beating himself into shape for some long races he has planned in the next couple of years and he’s been running in Hoka OneOne Bondi. He dropped me a note on Facebook after running 91km to say what he thought of them.

Billy Pearce running the 12-hour option at Stromlo Running Festival, 2012, pics from Russell Baker's gallery on

The Hokas are a dream, ran the 12hr on the weekend in them and not a single problem. what with my odd size feet, odd gait and orthotics I just suck up the problems. WOW not a mark on the feet! A real first and NO DOMS either. Fan F—ingTastic. I really want you to know what a breakthrough this has been for me.


Billy Pearce, Feb. 21, messaging on Facebook

Billy Pearce running the Stomlo 12-hour, pic from Russell Baker's album on Cool Running

One Response to Another Happy Hoka – Billy Pearce, Coast 2 Kosci medic

  1. Cathie (Gadfly) says:

    The ultra 168 guys were keeping us company out there in the 6 hr team event!! Unfortunately, not much competition for them, but company for us nevertheless. Oh, and of course had my Bondi B’s on!

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