Huskisson Triathlon – photos to post soon

What a brilliant weekend that was! Thanks Emmo and the whole Elite Energy crew for showing us how good a weekend of triathlon can really be. Beautiful beachside setting, committed athletes of all different levels and categories, and a friendly town for brilliant vegie burgers and cold refreshment (thanks Pilgrims, thanks pub with retro dance floor!!).

TriHusky II was a blast, basically. Over 4,000 competitors and probably as many supporters. Great chance to talk gear, technique, training, goals, and look at some of the latest kit around. Sean from Runnulla showed us the new Suunto Ambit and as much as I hate to say it about a piece of kit that’s likely to retail for $650, I just might need one! Paul from Injinji Australia was there too with a massive display full of less wallet-intensive items with Zensah calf sleeves still a favourite.

At the Hoka OneOne stand we were able to showcase the new Stinson Evo range, the 2012 Bondi B, and a bunch of cool new video clips we’d collected from Hoka Global or shot ourselves on GoPro running all over New Zealand’s stunning mountainous south island. Great reception from the tri crew and their families – thanks all! We sold a week’s worth of shoes in about 15 hours and will be looking forward to whatever discussion the newly-Hoka-ed runners might now get up to on Transitions. If you need to know anything or want any follow-up service, head in there and look for Mr. Hoka.

Check us out at, watch for the next event in Wollongong on March 10-11, and keep on training! We’ll be getting some more pictures up soon, but for now here’s a quick taste of the brilliant weekend that was.

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