You could be running better. Right now.

We feel Hoka OneOne is the best new shoe for runners who want the joy of running, to perform at their peak and feel that important sense of freedom, all while maintaining top physical condition and protecting against shocks, jolts and injuries.

What could your run be, right now?

And it is not just our opinion.

It is now scientifically proven.

Greater Energy Efficiency

Reduced Impact & Rate of Fatigue

Enhanced Natural Stride

15% lighter than most running shoes, up to 50% greater surface area, nearly 150% more sole, up to 80% of impact dispersed.

Research conducted at the Olympic Clinik in Basel, Switzerland and CBISM Laboratory in Trento, Italy found a 3-5% reduction in energy consumption running flat courses in Hoka’s oversize outsole.

Even researchers were surprised to find a massive 8–18% decrease in energy consumption running uphill by comparison to subjects’

reference levels.

They also confirmed what every Hoka runner knows.

Running downhill, Hoka OneOne reduced shock impact by 15-20%.

20% of unnecessary knee flexion was also eliminated, probably by the natural stride enhancement system of Hoka OneOne.

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