Hoka OneOne 2012. New look Bondi B & Stinson Evo!!

Finally the big day arrived – new Hoka OneOne!! Not just a refill of sold out stock, but brand new shoes with all the promise that new shoes can bring.

Will they deliver? Ooh yes. A first short test run of the Stinson Evo indicated massive trail fun, and fast.

The tread bites into all surfaces – but needs to be roughed up on cement or road before hitting mossy rocks if the shoes are box fresh. Two smooth surfaces one against the other? Not a plan. The upper feels brilliant, spreading tension evenly and letting the foot work smoothly with the shoe’s aggressive outsole across mixed surfaces and angles.

Drainage seems to have been a priority. A drainage bed stitched under the insole seems to effectively vent water, allowing feet to dry relatively quickly after creek crossings and keeping even wet shoes fairly light for running.

The lateral control is far superior to the Bondi road shoe, promoting greater lateral confidence for bombing along technical tracks.

The speedlaces are very cool but won’t work for everyone. I am going to see if I can adapt mine for a locked loop configuration, as I have a long feet but a normal sized ankle and need the mouth of the shoe to close tighter. Laces come as an extra along with thinner insoles, but hopefully they can stay in the box as I sort this out.

Much more to write but more weekend testing to do first!

2012 Hoka OneOne women's Bondi B

Stinson Evo Flag - Unisex trail-smashing awesomeness!!

New look men's Bondi 2012 - real sizing up to US14!

L to R: Women's Bondi, Stinson Evo (grey), Stinson Evo Flag

Team Hoka's Jess Baker testing the new Stinson Evo

and Kevin Heaton asks if we ever do any work...

check out http://www.HokaOneOne.com.au for your very own monster truck treads.


6 Responses to Hoka OneOne 2012. New look Bondi B & Stinson Evo!!

  1. Mel Parry says:

    I would like some of these please.
    Stinson Evo Flag – with the big Hoka sign on them!

  2. whippetman says:

    The folks at Hoka definitely have listened to the feedback from the Mafates and stitched up some super comfy uppers. Traction far superior on a variety of terrain but not too aggressive to be noticeable on pavement. Softer ankle cuff means no jamming on tightly cambered trail or ruts. So far so good. Full review heading for Trail Run Mag Aus/NZ real soon.

  3. Dion says:

    If you’re a Hoka fan the new Stinson Evo are a better trail shoe than the Mafate’s and a more comfortable shoe than the Bondi B. The speed lace option along with the option of thinner insoles provide variety for more people to try these shoes. Also the Evo is more of a complete trail running shoe than a “downhill monster” like the Mafate. It’s a completely better shoe all round. Big thanks to Luke @ Northside Runners for mine!!

  4. Michelle says:

    Where can I get the womens Hoka Bondi with the pink?
    Can someone please let me know?

    • hokaau says:

      Hi Michelle, they look great and they went like hotcakes!! We’re receiving a resupply in 3 weeks time so you’ll have to put an order with our retailers, including Panther Cycles in Penrith, Sydney Running Centre Edgecliff, Northside Runners in Sydney, Runnulla in Cronulla, FootPro in Melbourne, InTraining in Brisbane, or – of course – hit us up at http://www.HokaOneOne.com.au. You’re after the women’s grey/petrol Bondi B. We’ll also be resupplying the popular silver/acquamarine women’s model.

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