Hoka OneOne v. Coast 2 Kosci PT. 3: former orthotics wearer, Kieron Blackmore

Kieron Blackmore is well known to most trail runners around Sydney. He’s a race day regular who had some unfinished business with Coast 2 Kosciuszko – business now finished. Nice one, Kieron!
I went round to put him in some Hoka OneOne Bondi Bs just over a week before this year’s race. To the best of my knowledge, he walked around on a bit of carpet and had a little shuffle on the treadmill before turning to them on race day for his first long run without heavily built up orthotics in 10 years.

Kieron Blackmore

My 240km Coast to Kosci Hoka experience:

I got my first pair of Hoka (Bondi) shoes a week before C2K. I had a run a total of 10 kms in them before C2K but that was enough for me to think ‘these just might delay foot pain at C2K’. I started off from Boydtown Beach in a pair of wide 4E A*** Gel Nimbus. At the first rendezvous I changed into my Hokas with the intention of trying them out for a few hours. That few hours turned into the rest of the race! Normally the base of my feet get really sore after 100 kms from the constant pounding they get. I thought this was an inevitable consequence of long distance running regardless of what shoes we wear. However, to my great delight the Hokas took care of that. No foot pain whatsover. I did get a nasty blister on my right underfoot after 150 kms and I smashed my big toe to bits on a small rock at 210 kms but neither of these affected my ability to run/walk/stagger/shuffle to the end.

Hoka convert here :-))) Praise be to Deityofyourchoice.

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