Hoka OneOne v. Coast 2 Kosci PT. 2: Ron Schwebel

Over the weekend, I asked a few of the runners who rode the 246km pain train that is Coast 2 Kosciuszko in Hoka OneOne to share their thoughts on them. Ron Schwebel is a pleasure to talk to and always brings a welcome presence to any race, either as a competitor, supporter, or Race Director.

Even at the Cossie to Coast, a 7km fun run for crew the day before the big game, Ron was running along muling water for runners on a day when he should have technically been doing nothing. He’s known to many as the Race Director for the cult Narrabeen All-Nighter, has a smacking sub-3:00 marathon run relatively recently, and he’s all about the run.

This is what he had to say about Hoka OneOne Bondi B. Thanks, Ron.

I ran in the Hoka Bondi’s.

I thought I would experiment with shoe types, as I could do a quick shoe change at any time.


My plan was to do uphills and some other parts in my normal lighter shoes.

These are oversize race flats, with Sorbothane inserts.

These have been successful in the past, incl the last C2K.

However a bit of time out has probably made my feet a bit soft.

At other times I was to switch to the Hokas for comparison.


I ran the first 30k in my normal shoes, then Hokas to the base of Big Jack , 56k.

I thought lighter shoes up a big hill would be easier.

The Hokas felt good, but when I put the race flats back on I noticed significant feet discomfort.

This was increased as I came over the top and ran on cobblestones on a slight downhill.


That was enough to get me back into the Hokas for the rest of the race!

At the end my feet were not overly sore, and no real discomfort, except a couple of blisters.

Maybe as for a race of half the length.

So now, for any race beyond 50/100k, it will be Hokas all the way.


Ron Schwebel







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