The Money or the Shoes?

waiting at the 35km mark

Great day out at Sydney Marathon yesterday – lots of heart from a lot of people. Immediately coming to mind for me is the Japanese runner with no forearms or hands who ran around 3:30 and finished fast, looking strong. Having to deal with in-race nutrition and hydration has probably meant a lot of trial and error and still can’t imagine what it takes to get through one of the toughest events of all with that thrown into the mix. Awesome.

So we held a little contest for the first guy and girl across the line in Hoka to each pick up $200 cash. Hoka One One faux Aussie Kiwi Brent Harris took out the men’s in a time that would make about 96% of marathon runners very happy. But he felt it best described thus:

Just had a shocker at Sydney Marathon. Got beaten by someone wearing a hydration pack…….. The shame!

You’re always our go-to guy for perspective on race performance, Brent!  : )

The women’s went to Naomi Eastment. Backing up off last week’s Coastal Classic, Naomi was stoked with her 3:48 finish in searing heat likely to again spark discussion about the merits of an earlier marathon start. No such distraction for Naomi, she was busy celebrating her prize from Hoka One One.

Hoka one one Australia has offered me a pair of shoes or the $200.. easy choice! will be going with some more Hokas! everyone probably knows by now how much i love them! if you havent tried them out yet give them a go! my back swears by them.. i have a few herniated discs in my back and the Hokas take out so much of the impact it makes running on the road much easier!

As nice as it is for us to get that kind of lovin’ back from runners rocking Hokas, it’s just really meaningful when we hear stories of injuries or long times spent away from running that these bouncy high performance running shoes have helped runners to overcome or better manage. Thanks heaps Naomi.

We look forward to putting you in a fresh pair of Bondi B’s this week.

One Response to The Money or the Shoes?

  1. Thanks so much guys! very excited and looking forward to my new shoes! The Hokas are def a god send.. i spent 5 years with no running after a back injury at work… slowly got back into it but still had problems with road running.. until the hokas.. i even wear them when i have to stand for a long period of time much better on my back!

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