Fearless Leader Fallen – Desert Drama!!

Jane aka UltraSmall supports Barry Golding as he's led to the sidelines

Just going off the latest post from ultra legend Jane Trumper, it seems that race leader Barry Golding has bitten the bull dust on Day 4 of Multimarathon across the Simpson Desert. The only runner to see last year’s run right through and troubleshoot the entire 660km course, Golding seemed a certain finisher.

Race preparations and working to coordinate the runners, the trip, the fundraising, the logistics and support probably took an even bigger toll than 4 days running 176km in 35+ degree heat.

Failing to complete the day’s running in the allotted time, Golding copped a disqualification. He’ll continue as an essential advisor and supporter to the runners, but will no longer be eligible to run for the win or the completion.

Wasting no time, one of only 2 runners to have not chosen Hokas for their desert run “gets his HOKAS. Rowdy (doesn’t talk much and a baby at 24) has been struggling over rocks and took the shoes off Barry’s feet before they were in the car.”

Before she left, we told Jane, ‘forget about the shoes, just have a great run.’ Seems like they’re playing their part though – enough of a part to want to pinch them off a casualty!

Keep running Jane – only 486km to go! You and the crew are doing great. All our best to Barry for a quick healing. Gaffer tape and a bit of cement should sort him out.

2 Responses to Fearless Leader Fallen – Desert Drama!!

  1. janetrumper says:

    Hey! Barry wasn’t disqualified! He pulled the plug just before the 33km checkpoint. Totally exhausted……. and shoeless.

    • hokaau says:

      Sorry Jane! Was just going off what was written on the MultiMarathon site to try and add information for the readers. Glad you’re still sassy – must be hydrating : )

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