Jane Checks In & $ee You $ydney!!

That’s right – come take our filthy cash at the Sydney Marathon tomorrow. Hope you’ve got your carbs in by now because otherwise you’re looking at a 1-hour queue for the Port-A-Loo. If you’re still glyc-depleted by now, recommendation would be to try apple juice, at a rate of less than 90g CHO/hr because you won’t absorb much more. This way you’ll load without gaining much wait and be done with your No. 2s by race time. Crucial!!  : )

And our girl Jane Trumper is powering across the desert. Her latest post has just gone up here on WordPress and here on Facebook. Pics!! Finally!!! Keep going hard, or sensible, Jane! Spoke to her about an hour ago by satellite phone and she seriously poured love on her Bondi Bs and said she doesn’t even feel like she’s gone for a run. For real.

Could be years of training and conditioning, or might even be the comfy shoes that make you wanna run forEVA!


Or it could be the years of training and conditioning.  ; )

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