We Got a Mention from The New Guy ; )

The new go-between get-it-done where-are-my-shoes guy, Roger, is off shortly to run in the US. He’s done a short post over at Hypoactive and been thoughtful enough to mention us. Awww, we might even let him back in the country for that.

So I’ll be running in Minnapolis on the first Sunday in October, then getting on a plane to Denver on the Monday so I can go running in the thin air canyon mecca of Western trail and ultra running, Boulder, Colorado. This is all tying in amazingly well with my new work as National Product Manager for Hoka One One, Australia.

They’re a small French-American venture making big, bouncy, superlight innovative running shoes for high mileage training, marathoners, and ultra runners. Initially, the Global Heroes Program was part of the way I talked them into giving me a pair of shoes to test, because of the media opportunity, my writing background, and my passion for distance running. Since then we’ve got to know each other better and although I’m still in training wheels, I’m now working with the company and it’s both a challenge and a total blast.

No room for training wheels on Hokas, mate. Just get it done! Rest of the article’s here and gotta say, it’s not the worst thing he’s written.  Check it out, uh?

Good luck in the US – looking forward to your updates in a couple of weeks’ time.

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